The Oregon Rangers Association
Welcome to the Oregon Rangers Association,
    We are a volunteer organization dedicated to making Oregon a cleaner and safer place for all through education and service to our community.  With your donations and grants, we train police, EMT's, and civillians in the skills needed to make us all safer in the outdoors and in our daily lives.  We are not just teachers though, Rangers lead by example.  We are EMTs, firefighters, nurses, and other dedicated professional and volunteer responders.  The Oregon Rangers Association is a certified EMS agency, but we also teach classes on survival skills, self-defense, firearms training and many other subjects and projects to serve our community.  We Offer sevices like EMS coverage and security for events and special occasions.  For specific information on these classes and services, please explore the links at the top of the page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We are here to help because:
Caring is Good, but Doing is Better!
The Oregon Rangers Association Mission Statement:

This corporation's primary purposes shall be, without limitation,

1.  To promote the highest standard of professional competency and ethics as highly trained law enforcement, investigative, and EMS volunteers.

2.  Provide public safety through education of the members and the community they serve.

3.  Promote a cleaner and safer forest environment using roving patrols.

4.  Engage in special projects for wildlife enhancement and conservation..

5.  Work cooperatively with federal, state, and local agencies to decrease illegal activities on public land.

6.  Educate and respond as EMS providers to rural and frontier areas where medical services are lacking.